Strengthening the resilience of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the local community of Qaraoun Municipality” AID 10248

Three years after the Syrian crisis arose, the exodus of refugees and displaced to Lebanon, increased dramatically. According to UN competent agencies (UNHCR and UNRWA) about a million of refugees are registered in Lebanon. Their flow has had a negative impact on the economic, but also social fabric of the country. Overcrowding has led to the collapse of social services and the outbreak of tensions among host and refugee communities. Within this context, the project aims at intervening in Qaraoun village, in the Bekaa region, 85 km from Beirut, where the refugees represent 40% of the population: 5000 Lebanese residents, 3722 refugees and 200 vulnerable people. Professional and neighborhood ties are the sole occasions of exchange and dialogue between both communities. Within this context, the project aims at providing new sources of revenues, through cash for work activities, but also by carrying out new infrastructural works that generate long term profits, in the service of the collectivity, as well as implementing services related to environmental rehabilitation and water supply. That, in addition to promoting integration between the host and refugee communities, and strengthening the role of mediation and management of the assistance to the refugees, which is taking place at the municipality.

The general objective of the project is to further the improvement of the living conditions for the Lebanese and Syrian population in Qaraoun, affected by the current crisis. The specific objective is to contribute to reinforcing resilience, and promote the integration of the Syrian refugee population and host community of Qaraoun municipality.

Foreseen activities are: an event of presentation of the project to the refugee and host communities; census of the refugees and Lebanese according to the criteria of vulnerability; Recruitment and management of the Lebanese and refugees among the most vulnerable groups, involved in rapid employment activities ; closing event and inauguration of the implemented infrastructural projects; construction of a water tank for irrigation and domestic use; waste collection and street rehabilitation; rehabilitation of the Qaraoun dam green area; rehabilitation and maintenance of Qaraoun High School premises; construction of a reinforced concrete roof for the premises of the municipality; workshop for building puppets with recycled materials; story telling workshop; carrying out 40 animation shows.

Summary data
Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Project partner: Islamic Scout Association – Les Amis des Marionettes (ambulant puppet-show company )

Local partner: Qaraoun Municipality

Intervention area: Lebanon – Qaraoun

Beneficiaries: Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese : 220 workers employed as a workforce in infrastructural interventions; 200 women employed in the animation activities ; 2000 young show spectators and beneficiaries of the animation activities; 400 participants to the public event; about 8772 (about 5000 residents and 3772 Syrian and Palestinian refugees) will benefit from the environmental and social rehabilitated and improved services

Duration: 11 months – starting: November 2014

Budget: ES/10248/A006 – 300,189 Euros from which 291,889 Euros: co-funding by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation/ Directorate General for Development Cooperation/ Emergency Initiative for reinforcing resilience of the Syrian refugee population in Lebanon and the local communities.