Our projects

CTM Onlus, a volunteering and international cooperation association, was founded in Lecce in 1985. Since its establishment, CTM has strived to promote cooperation and international solidarity in southern countries, worldwide and in Eastern Europe. Over 30 years of activity, CTM has implemented projects in Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Albania and Lebanon, aiming at reducing poverty among the poorest populations and improving their conditions of life.
CTM directs its efforts towards serving the most vulnerable groups, among whom, people with special needs, women, minors, elder people and refugees. It sustains projects agreed on with local organizations and associations, capable of representing the interests of the community addressed by the suggested services. Also, CTM supports activities that promote participation, democratization, human rights and environmental protection, particularly through literacy, vocational trainings, agriculture, environmental activities, local craftsmanship, as well as health and social services.

Aware of the necessity to promote sustainable development, CTM connects programs of development with activities of public information, in Italy and abroad. It suggests and implements on the field various programs of education to development. It works in schools, associations and groups, and promotes vocational and educational trainings on development, involving the public opinion and local entities.

Since 2003, CTM has mainly been active in Lebanon, through social development projects, aiming at improving the life conditions of disadvantaged groups, with the help of inclusion and integration programs, which, once implemented, are managed by CTM local partners.

In 2008, thanks to the project “Supporting adults with special needs and children affected by the war in South Lebanon” CTM has won the Ellisse award.

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