Food assistance initiative in favor of the displaced and resident population of Damascus suburbs

The project aims at improving the living conditions of the displaced and resident population of Damascus suburbs, facilitating access to food to 600 vulnerable families who attend ZAM Center (Midan, Damascus), by distributing food kits on a monthly basis. The project, therefore, contributes both to ensure adequate nutritional levels and prevent malnutrition or undernutrition determined by the limited availability of food caused by families’ income drop and significant rise of basic necessities’ prices. The beneficiaries are 600 families attending ZAM Center and experiencing particular vulnerability. Considering an average of 5 or more members in each household, the intervention reaches approximately 2,500 / 3,000 people. Food kits are therefore distributed on a monthly basis to 600 families identified based on vulnerability criteria. Kit composition was identified in collaboration with the local partner, taking into consideration the results of nutritional and food needs assessments conducted among the targeted families. The kit includes staple food able to provide a 5-member family with adequate caloric intake and a substantial nutrient supplement.

Summary data

Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Project partner: Armadilla S.c.s. Onlus

Local partner: Zahret Al Madaen – ZAM

Area of Intervention: Syria – Damascus

Beneficiaries: 600 families, 2,500/3,000 people

Duration: 7 months – beginning : October 2015

Budget: Euros 219,429 out of which Euros 189,429 provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation – Directorate General for Development Cooperation through the “Emergency initiative in support of the displaced population and the local communities affected by the war in Syria