The project intends to contribute to the intervention strategy defined by the Italian Cooperation in response to the serious humanitarian crisis in Lebanon with an integrated approach that considers the social, economic and environmental dimensions. The project contributes to strengthening social stability in the municipalities of southern Lebanon by mitigating the consequences of the crisis on vulnerable groups by improving their access to income and by strengthening the offer of public services in the municipalities of Nabatieh and Tyre.

The planned activities are: launch activities of rapid employment initiatives and analysis of the beneficiaries; selection of the beneficiaries and definition of the contracts of the workers employed through the rapid employment scheme; course on safety and health regulations for workers employed in the rapid employment scheme; temporary employment and payment of vulnerable workers (Lebanese and refugees); provision of environmental services and assistance to the population on the territory of the Municipality of Nabatieh; provision of environmental services on the territory of the Union of the Municipality of Tyre; final closing events of the initiative.

The expected results are: increase of the available income for the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugee population in the districts of Nabatieh and Tyre; improvement of access and quality of public services in the environmental field available to the population of the districts of Nabatieh and Tyre.

Summary data

Implementing agency: OSC Armadilla scs in ATS with CTM – ETS

Local Counterpart: Municipality of Nabatieh and Union of Municipalities of Tyre

Implementing area: Lebanon – city of Tyre

Beneficiairies: n. 405 vulnerable Lebanese workers, Syrian refugees, Palestinians and other nationalities (direct beneficiaries) and n. 408 families for a total of about 2.403 people (indirect beneficiaries)

Duration: 16 months – starting: February 2021

Budget: AID CS/11948/02 – Eur 1.253.686,32, of which Euro 1,199,115.73: co-financing by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.