Tyre, Lebanon

March 2022

For over 4 years, CTM and the Municipality of Tyre have identified and embarked on a path aimed to strengthen the services dedicated to the environment and liveability of the city’s public spaces.

Three years after its construction, thanks to the contribution of the Italian Cooperation within the project AID 10585/CTM/LBN, the public Garden of Tyre has become the main public gathering site for schools, children and families without ethnic or religious distinction and today thousands of people daily visits it especially on weekends. The public garden is located within the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve, a protected area that represents a treasure trove of biodiversity and archeology but which suffers from a very strong anthropogenic pressure due to urban development and the large tourist presence.

In order to identify sustainable and shared solutions to reduce the environmental impact on the area, CTM, through the BLUE TYRE project AID 012314/01/6 funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and led by the Municipality of Tricase (Lecce), has entered into an agreement with IUL (Islamic University of Lebanon) in order to involve young students in the phase of collecting and analyzing feedback from the local population that uses spaces and services and is responsible for contributing to their maintenance and cleaning by adopting more environmentally friendly behaviors. Students will have the opportunity to trial their skills through the use of different data collection techniques (interviews, questionnaires, participatory tables …) and will process the data through special software to give back to the community useful tools for identifying the impact of interventions carried out and strategies for improving the environmental governance of the city of Tyre.