Strengthening of social and educational services for minors in Palestinian refugee camps of Mar Elias, Burj Barajneh and Rashidieh in Lebanon – 10339/CTM/LBN

Despite their decades-long presence on the Lebanese territory, Palestinians in Lebanon live in difficult social and economic conditions: children and young Palestinians have restricted access to the public school system, while the cost of private education is not sustainable for most of the families. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees – UNRWA, reference Authority for the project, offers primary and secondary education programmes in refugee camps, while local non-profit associations provide social and educational services, aimed at overcoming formal education system shortcomings. UNRWA socio-economic survey of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon – 2010 highlighted that support for education represents one of the most effective instruments for poverty alleviation.
Against this background, the project intends to contribute improving the living conditions of the child population in the Palestinian refugee camps of Mar Elias, Burj Barajneh and Rashidieh in Lebanon, by increasing and enhancing social and educational services provided in GKCF Centers. To this end, the project proposes an integrated strategy that acts on the main factors and actors of child development through interconnected activities, that focus on:
1) Expanding and renovating three GKCF centers’ buildings in the three Palestinian refugee camps of tre campi Mar Elias, Burj Barajneh and Rashidieh, to turn them into safe environments for children physical, mental and educational healthy development;
2) Improving the quality of educational services by providing GKCF centers’ educators with training and continuous education;
3) Actively involving parents in their children’s education process, by realizing training courses, workshops and meetings on specific topics, such as educational shared responsibility, physical and mental well-being of the child, as well as nutrition and dental hygiene;
4) Developing learning support programmes and recreational activities, aimed at improving children’s school performance, communication skills, self-motivation and well-being;
5) Disseminating the Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) methodology, based on a holistic approach harnessing different activities conceived for children, young people and people with disabilities. ECDE takes into consideration all aspects of development and growth by encouraging creative expression.

Summary data

Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Local partner: Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation – GKCF

Project partner: Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti – UISP

Area of Intervention: Lebanon – Beirut and Tyre

Beneficiaries: 431 children, 20 GKCF educators and staff members, 270 parents, 180 educators employed in UNRWA schools and in other local associations

Duration: 36 months – beginning : February 2015

Budget: Euros 1,629,554

Co-funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Directorate General for Development Cooperation (Euros 1.137.453)