The project operates in the south of Lebanon with the aim of increasing the availability of social spaces for non-formal education for minors in the provinces of Tyre and Saida.

Non-formal education utilizes alternative methodologies to organize education and different ways of teachings and leaning, in order to provide basic education and competencies for the full development of children. This enhances resilience mechanisms that allow minors to overcome social exclusion and regain confidence after traumatic experiences. Within this framework, in 2014, the Lebanese Ministry of Education approved an ambitious national plan – “Reaching All Children with Education” (RACE) – aimed at providing high quality educational services to vulnerable Lebanese minors and minors refugees. In line with this plan, there is still is scope to improve quality of educational services. The difference in the formative offers between public and private schools increase educational gaps among children with different socio-economic status, especially regarding minor refugees in Palestinian camps, where primary education is provided by UNRWA and where overcrowding deteriorates infrastructures and services.

The projects operate in the provinces of Tyr and Saida, including the Palestinian camps of Rashidieh e Ein El Helweh. It implements non-formal education campaigns aiming at promoting the rights of minor, with special focus on disabled minors. It also supports the renovation of public spaces and promotes environmental campaigns. Children beneficiaries will be involved in non –formal education activities supporting the rights of minors to grow in a healthy and conducive environment, promoting education about the correct care of public spaces and the positive use of natural resources. The intervention targets also the teachers of public schools and the educators working with disabled and refugees, in order to improve their teaching skills to support the minors.

The project is made up of 3 main components:

  1. Ameliorate quality of training and educational offer for minors

  2. Increase knowledge of teachers and educators on the social inclusion and wellbeing of kids

  3. Develop selected social spaces in favor of the right to play and the right of creativity of minors

Summary data

Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Local partner: Municipality of Tyre and Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation – GKCF

Project partner: Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti – UISP

Area of Intervention: Provinces of Tyre and Saida, Lebanon

Beneficiaries: 140 teachers and 70 librarians of the Provinces of Tyre and Saida; 6.000 minors from public schools, aged 11 to 13 years; 100 minors in the Palestinian refugee camps of Rashidieh and Ain El Helwe; 200 minors with disability; 42 educators and 100 parents participating in the shared educational responsibility programme.

Duration: 36 months – beginning : January 2016

Budget: Euros 1.632.690

Co-funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Directorate General for Development Cooperation (Euros 1.121.789)