In April 2024 a group of technicians and environmental activists from the community of Tyre in Lebanon will be guests in Salento to carry out a period of training and territorial exchange. The Training Visit is part of the activities of the initiative Blue Tyre. Local Partnership for Sustainable Marine and Coastal Development, a territorial partnership undertaken by the Municipality of Tricase (LE) and the Municipality of Tyre (Lebanon) and financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in order to contribute to the sustainable territorial development of the coastal and maritime area of Tyre.

Unfortunately, due to the security crisis in southern Lebanon following the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Apulian experts had to suspend the missions to strengthen the training program in Italy and remotely. In addition to the attacks and bombings, at this stage the public bodies of Tyre are dealing with the emergency of about 27,000 displaced citizens who have abandoned the border areas and taken refuge in schools or other public facilities to escape the attacks and wait for the tension at the border to subside.

The visit is therefore useful to demonstrate the solidarity of our territory towards those who live the war on a daily basis, strengthening the historic relations between Italy and the country of the Cedars in a particularly difficult moment for the Middle East, contributing to the construction of bridges of dialogue and peace on the traces, always alive, of the example of Don Tonino Bello.