Tyre (Lebanon), December 2021

The initiative ERA, a temporary employment project designed to provide support to the population by promoting the right of decent work among vulnerable groups, has also started in Tyre. The initiative ERA: Emergency, Resilience, and Environment -Employment Opportunities in support of South Lebanon Municipalitiesis financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and developed in partnership between the Italian NGOs Armadilla and CTM, which for many years have been working in the country identifying joint and virtuous paths.

After the phase of identifying the beneficiaries, the work activities startedin the middle of November in Nabatieh, where a social laundry and a recycling center for used clothes were activated, an initiative that have above all involves the female section and provides services intended citizens in most need.

Today, 1 December 2021, workers in the district of Tyre were also able toobtain the necessary adequate information for the correct and safe performance of the activities. After a brief introduction made by Fabio Vitali (Armadilla) and Alberto Piccinni (CTM) whothanked the Italian Cooperation and theMayor Hassan Dbouk for strongly encouraging the initiative, the assigned representative ofthe Union of Municipalities of Tyre illustrated the general contractual and logistical requirements to start.The beneficiaries then were divided into groups according to skills and work areas and received specific indications related to their duties and the rules that are to be respected in the workplace. The workers will be employed starting tomorrow in the collection of waste activity and also in the cleaning, maintenance and protection of green areas that include the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve, an enchanting protected natural area subject to anthropogenic pressures due to the surrounding tourist and urban context.

Therefore, thanks to the strategic cooperation between Italian NGOs, the families of the vulnerable, underprivileged, refugees, and disabled will be able to obtain an income and provide useful support to the public services of the Municipalities of Southern Lebanon.