The contribution of the Waldensian Church co-finances a larger project supported by the Italian Cooperation (link). Within the framework of this project, the funds from the Waldensian Church cover I particular these activities:

Activity 1: Requalification of 3 public spaces in underprivileged areas. With the participation of UISP trainers and the educators of partner associations, the activity foresee to equip 3 small areas with sport equipment in underprivileged areas, creating small playgrounds, green spaces or play areas aimed at tackling social marginalization.

Activity 2: Education on food security and healthy nutrition. This action supported 5 small cooperatives (mainly women cooperatives) with the renovation of their workshops and with the production of informative panels, in order to create didactic areas for the visits from schools. This activity is implemented in coordination with the Municipality of Tyre and the technical support of an Agronomist and food security experts. At present, many schools in the areas are visiting the selected cooperatives.

Activity 3: Workshops with educators and families and psychological support to minors and families. With the support of local and international experts, the project organizes 3 courses targeting minors with special needs in the GKCF Centers and at Mosan center for special needs in Tyre:

3.1 Computer training for minors with visual impairment

3.2 Music training with special focus on inclusion of minors with special needs

3.3 Photography training with special focus on inclusion of minors with special needs

Other activities target teachers supporting minors with special needs and their families:

3.4 Psychological support to minors and families: one local and one international psychologist provide trainings to teachers and educators to improve support for minors with special needs and their families

3.5 Workshops with educators and families: 2 workshops are organized, 1 psychologist and 1 by a local nutritionist.

Activity 4: Workshops in the public schools of the provinces of Tyre and Sidon. Over 70 workshops were performed in the public schools of the target area, involving more than 5.000 students from grades 6-7-8. The Lebanese cultural association Les Amis des Marionnettes used a participatory theater approach to better involve students. The workshops focused on interconnected themes such as preservation of natural resources, the importance of public green spaces and healthy nutrition.

Summary data

Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Local partner: Municipality of Tyre and Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation – GKCF

Project partner: Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti – UISP

Area of Intervention: Provinces of Tyre and Saida, Lebanon

Duration: 1 year (January – December 2017)

Funds from Waldensian Church: Euro 45.000