The 15 teachers of the Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation Center in Ein el Elweh follow the lesson attentively and often interact with the trainer, asking questions and expressing opinions. The module on sharing educational responsibility held by Simona, CTM consultant psychologist, is very interesting for the educators of the center. The pedagogic model adopted by Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation aims at involving the families in the education of their children and this course provides the teachers with updated tools and methodologies to do it. The content, indeed, was defined in coordination with the director of the center, considering specific requests and context-related needs of the staff working in the Palestinian camp of Ein el Elweh. After attending the lectures, the teachers organized and managed meetings with the parents of their students, applying the new methods under the supervision of the trainer. This practicum had excellent results: the teachers showed that they acquired new knowledge and were able to master new tools in the context.

The module had two goals: increase the skills of the teachers to work with the parents in order to share with them educational strategies and activities concerning the children; provide the teachers with guidelines to form and manage a parents’ committee for the school.

The module, two weeks long, was completed in May, as planned. At the end of the course, participants provided interesting suggestions for the second module to be held in the coming autumn.