The Italian delegation of the Municipality of Tricase has concluded their visit to the city of Tyre in Lebanon where the project “Blue Tyre Local Partnership project for sustainable coastal and marine development” which is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, is underway. The group, made up of the Mayor’s representative Rosanna Zocco, the engineer Vito Ferramosca, the surveyor Marco Cavallo and the financial manager Donatella Tasco, had the opportunity to meet the mayor of Tyre, a delegate of the Italian Cooperation in Beirut and the representatives of local public bodies including the Union of Tyre’s Municipalities, the Islamic University of Lebanon, the Mayor of Abbassieh, the Minister Inaya Ezzeddine and all the stakeholders who take part in the activities.

Furthermore, the delegation was able to visit the intervention areas of the initiative, the tourist, scientific and agricultural area of the Tyre Reserve as well as the historic water spring of Ras el Ein and the main archaeological sites of the city, a UNESCO heritage site.

During the meeting, Mayor Hassan Dbouk underlined the long history of friendship between Tricase and Tyre recalling the first visit of a delegation from Tricase in 2007. Today, during a greater economic and environmental crisis, the Municipality of Tricase supports the Lebanese local public authorities to address environmental and coastal problems by sharing the experience gained over the last 20 years in Salento with the Lebanese community alongside high-profile technical and scientific partners such as Magna Grecia Mare Association, Ciheam, University of Salento and Naturalia who have contributed to the recovery and enhancement of the tangible and intangible heritage with the creation of the Port Museum of Tricase which has become a virtuous model for the entire Mediterranean area.