The Lebanese Women Cooperative of Deir Kanun Ras el Ain receives the Award “Green Flag 2015”

The Award Ceremony “Green Flag 2015” has been held on the 11th November 2015 at Rome Municipality. The Award this year has been given to the Women Cooperative in Deir Kanun Ras El Ain, a town nearby Tyr in the South of Lebanon. The Cooperative has been supported by CTM in the frame of the project: “Socio economic development of the rural population of the South of Lebanon”. The cooperative has been awarded for its commitment in valorizing women’s work and offering opportunities for the enhancement of the living conditions of local families and commerce of typical local products. The CIA- Italian Farmers Confederation- grants this award to the foreign agricultural cooperatives located in the Mediterranean Basin that stood out for their production capacity, for the defense of the territory and the welfare of local people. “Green Flag Agriculture” is a recognition to reward farmers, local authorities and parks for their policies of environmental protection, landscape, tourism, soil rational use, promotion of typical products, actions aimed at improving the living conditions and the economy of the farmers and more generally citizens. Section “Agrimed” was established in 2014 to extend the awards to the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. The President of the Lebanese Women Cooperative, Mrs. Daed Ismail, received the Award, accompanied by Mr. Hussein Alaweih, President of TYROS LAG and CTM staff. The Award has been granted by the CIA President Mr. Secondo Scanavino.