The topographer of the Municipal technical office marks the reference points and the heights for leveling. Some workers, under the supervision of the head of agricultural commission, are uprooting the trees and bushes to be removed. The excavator works noisily along the external perimeter. The site manager is following the delivery of first construction materials. We are in the public garden of Tyre and the works for the renovation of kids’ area just started.

In the past year, the Municipality of Tyre prepared a master plan for the renovation of the whole public garden. As per project plan, CTM is taking care of the execution of the works in the kids’ area. This area, indeed, is the first to undergo renovation according to the new plan and this is very important because at present no other public playground is available to children. Renovation works include the turfing of the area; the planting of new trees and flowers typical of local flora; installation of new automatic irrigation system; the stone paving of walking ways and the installation of the playground. At the same time, the Municipality of Tyre will build the new external fence and provide new toilettes for the comfort of all visitors.

The start of these works is also a clear sign of the attention the Municipality pays to the garden project and of its will to involve other stakeholders in the renovation of the whole garden. The planned duration of works is four months: thus, we wait this summer to see the kids playing in the new area dedicated to them.