The activities of the  project “Strengthening Social, Economic Rehabilitation and Reintegration Services for Addicts and Former Addicts in Lebanon – AID 10964” co-funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, started last summer.

CTM, with this project, aims to increase the capacity of the Lebanese Association Oum el Nour (Light Source) and its educational staff in providing a rehabilitation opportunity to young people wishing to escape the drug addiction.

The project foresees the improvement of the accommodation conditions in the two centres of Oum el Nour, located just north of Beirut and precisely in Fatqa and Sehaile, and the realization of work experiences allowing the youngsters to gain professional skills for their reintegration into active life.

In particular, in the centres of Sehaile and Fatqa, the realization of two social farms is now on progress. This is an entirely new experience for Lebanon as also for our Italian partners, the ASeS-CIA Association and the social cooperatives Capodarco and Sierra Lo Greco. For the first time, but they will also return in the second and third year of the project, two agro-social experts and one agronomist expert spent a week in the two centres to activate the creation of the social farms. Another important novelty of the CTM project is also the desire to create opportunities for exchanges of technicians and human and social experiences. In fact, twelve educators from Oum el Nour, in the second and third year of the project, will visit our social cooperatives partner in Italy taking also part in training courses tailored to their needs.

A new experience, a new design based on the maximum that “the earth cares for those who care for the earth.”