The puppet show for the teenagers performed by Les Amis des Marionnettes enchanted also the adults.

The play, developed last year as a part of the activity on healthy nutrition within the framework of the project “Enhancing the rights of minors: new opportunities of non- formal education in the South of Lebanon – AID 10585/CTM/LBN”, opened also this year the launching workshops of the school program. It definitely captivated the teachers and school principals, which had the chance to watch the performance that will be played in their schools.

The presentation of the activity by Les Amis des Marionnettes was followed by a coffee break that gave the participant the chance to taste some of the local food products made by the cooperatives involved in the program. A small refreshment made only with local fresh ingredients preceded indeed the presentation on healthy nutrition and on the outing that the project will organize for the schools to visit selected cooperatives in the south of Lebanon.


The presentations highlighted how the two activities are part of the same school program, where involved classes attend the workshops by Les Amis des Marionnettes first and then go to visit some of the cooperatives processing natural local products such as oil, honey, fruit and vegetables. The two workshops took place on December 12 (Sidon) and 13 (Tyre), and were attended also by representatives of the education office for the south of Lebanon and the municipality of Tyre.

The workshops ended with the drafting of calendar of the activities that will start in early January, after Christmas vacations.