You don’t need to see the computer to use it.

In fact, the students of the computer course for blinds, within the framework of the project “Enhancing the rights of minors: new opportunities of non- formal education in the South of Lebanon – AID 10585/CTM/LBN”, currently underway at the Ghassan Kanafani center in Ein el Elweh, already after a few lessons juggle very well with the Office software. The staff of the GK, always very welcoming, has made sure that the students feel comfortable at the center and, for each course, one of the teachers of the center follows the lessons with the students.

The computers of the small computer lab were equipped with the appropriate software (text-to-speech) that describes the screen and the keys used to the users. The teacher, with over ten years of experience in teaching the subject, methodically follows the students’ learning, paying particular attention to the fact that each student is adequately supported.

The course is followed by 3 groups of 5 students each, and each group participates in a 2-hour lesson every week. The course, for each group, is 40 hours and will be completed by the summer. The students were divided according to their basic skills, evaluated during an initial screening session, in order to make each group fairly homogeneous.

The possibility of attending such a course within the camp is an uncommon occasion and, considering the high demand, CTM and GK are planning to repeat the course during the next school year.