Libano, Luglio 2017

Backpacks ready, all on the Pullman and departing for a new summer camp experience.


In the beautiful countryside of “Debbieh”, located about 17 km to the south of Beirut, 75 children from Mar Elias, Bourj el Barajneh and Rashidieh refugee camps attended the three summer camps organized by CTM and UISP as part of the project “Strengthening of social and educational services for Palestinian minors in the refugee camps of Mar Elias, Bourj el Barajneh and Rashidieh in Lebanon”, co-funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

After several preparatory workshops throughout the year and weeks of coordination, both the kindergarten teachers and the two UISP trainers were ready to welcome the children- divided into groups of 25 within three weeks- to spend four intense days away from their home doing activities such as diving in the pool and playing treasure hunt, and offering them moments of personal growth and group dynamics.

In addition to the usual activities of the GKCF methodologies, the guys from UISP, Alessandro De Paolis and Rosa Bravo, introduced several motor activities, such as swimming in the pool, sports, recreational and traditional games.

Eventually, after four intense days full of activities, there had to be some gifts to share with the kids: the summer camp kit with a t-shirt, a cap and a backpack bag.

It was a really fun and educational experience for all those who participated…