Thanks to the involvement of the divers of the Lebanon Diving Center in Tyre, the seabed waste collection campaign has begun as part of BLUE TYRE project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and led by the Municipality of Tricase (ITALY). In this season the operations mainly concern the recovery of nets and fishing equipment lost or abandoned on the seabed (nets, ropes, traps, floats, leads …) which are transformed into deadly traps for marine animals that remain entangled in it. These ghost nets indiscriminately kill millions of fish, mammals, turtles and cetaceans which, once trapped, are unable to move and die of starvation, infection and laceration. In Tyre, the problem concerns above all the sea turtles which have become a real symbol of the ancient coastal city and on which the project intends to increase the protection measures as well as to raise awareness of fishermen and coastal workers in order to implement the adoption of ecological behaviors compatible with the protection of biodiversity.