New school year just started in the centers of Ghassan Kanafani in the camps of Rachidiye and Ein el Elweh and the activities of CTM are taking off. Saturday October 1st, the teacher of music supported by the project started his activities in Ein el Elweh. He will teach in the center twice a week to the youth and library groups, involving the children with special need attending the center. He will also provide guidance to the kindergarten teachers of the center, in order to enable them to provide some basic music lesson to the children of younger age.
The work of the psychologist also started in the two camps in the end of September. In the first phase of her work, she is assessing the needs of the staff of Ghassan Kanafani dealing with children with special needs in order to tailor the trainings on actual gaps. An expert with a wide experience in inclusive education and education of children with special needs, the psychologist will provide the teachers and librarians of the centers the skills and confidence required to face their daily challenging tasks.