CTM project in Lebanon continues to support the Oum el Nour Association and its work of prevention among young people and the recovery of who have entered the deleterious drug circle.

Agriculture has been identified as an important tool in the rehabilitation process of these young people. These types of experience began in Italy forty years ago and continue successfully. For this reason, the project makes use of the expertise of Italian partners with a long experience in this particular sector such as ASeS-CIA and the Capodarco and Sierro lo Greco Cooperatives.

Among the various activities the project proposes in this area there are also greenhouse agricultural activities. Two new greenhouses have been installed in the Oum el Nour Rehabilitation Center in Sehaile, while in the Fatqa Women’s Center the existing greenhouse has been rehabilitated.

Last September, the Italian project experts had carried out training sessions about the implementation of the business plans for the proposed agricultural activities, including the greenhouse activities. After a careful economic evaluation, it was decided to activate the productions of tomato, cucumber, cabbage and salad. These are basic foods for the Lebanese population and they will be partially consumed in the kitchens of the two Centers for the residents and partially sold according to a solidarity purchases model.

A new experience, a new project based on the motto: “the earth cares who take care of the earth”