In the ancient and fascinating city of Tyre, one of the most popular seaside destinations in Lebanon, pollution and human activities threaten the survival of the natural ecosystem of the coast. Those responsible for this protection are not only the local authorities, but the coastal community as a whole, considering, in addition to the fishermen, all the coastal workers employed in tourist services, in kiosks or in beach guarding. In order to make these workers more responsible, the experts of the Turtle Recovery Center of Calimera and the University of Salento have undertaken a training program that aims to train local actors in the management of sea turtles and their nests as well as the reduction and collection of plastic waste that, over time, release their particles inside living organisms including humans.

In addition to training, the experts were involved in coastal monitoring of nesting and setting up a first aid center for sea turtles within the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve. Despite the crisis that has been gripping Lebanon for almost 3 years, thanks to the BLUE TYRE Project led by the Municipality of Tricase and financed by the AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation), we are able to enthusiastically replicate good monitoring and marine and environmental protection already experienced in Italy.