Kicking off UISP workshop in sport and psycho-physical well-being addressed to “Ghassan Kanafani” kindergartens’ teachers in Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

Twenty-six teachers coming from the Early Childhood Centers run by Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation in Palestinian refugee camps of Mar Elias and Burj El Barajneh in Beirut, and Rashidieh in Tyr, Lebanon, are attending the first module of the workshop in sport and psycho-social well-being delivered by UISP – “Italian Union Sport for All”. The workshop is organized in the frame of the project to strengthen the social and educational services for minors in Palestinian refugee camps of Mar Elias, Burj El Barajneh and Rashidieh in Lebanon, that is co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and implemented by CTM. The training course is composed of three modules, focused on “education and movement”.

Thanks to this training, teachers will acquire educational methodologies able to get children and youth closer to sport, educating them to physical exercise as a lifestyle; setting a sport mindset applicable outside the school and sport club environments; educating to health. Further, teachers will be able to develop basic motor schemes and, afterwards, children’s coordinative, conditional and cognitive capacities. The workshop will promote establishing good relations with ourselves and our body; establishing good relations with the others; and establishing good relations with the environment and the spaces in which we interact.