In these days, our photographer Dario Gambino is offering to the children of three “Ghassan Kanafani” kindergartens an innovative art workshop. In Rashidieh, as in Mar Elias and Bourj El Barajneh kindergartens, the workshop will include three interactive days.

During the first day, with the support of the art teacher, children will be asked to think about their dreams, about their future. “What do you dream about?”, “Who do you want to become when you grow up? Why? “: these are the questions to which children will answer in front of a video-camera, as if they were performing a TV interview.
The second day will be dedicated to the creation of costumes and gadgets that recall the profession or the role they have chosen: there are children who want to become a dentist, who want to be lion tamer, who want to work as electrician, who want to build a family and take care of it!
During the third day, the children, with the support of Dario and of the art teacher, will set up a real photo studio with lights and background where they will be able to photograph their peers and be photographed as they see themselves in the future.

The photos produced will be exhibited – starting next year – in different schools, in Italy and in Lebanon, as part of a mobile photo exhibition.