During the first week of December, Elisabetta, our consultant psychologist, completed her training at Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation Center in Ein el Elweh, In the framework of the project “Enhancing the rights of minors: new opportunities of non-formal education in the South of Lebanon”, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. The teachers of the center attended the course very actively, asking our trainer many questions and bringing up many cases for discussion. Thanks to the coordination with the director of the center and the kind availability of Elisabetta, the module has been tailored, as far as possible, to the needs and requests of the participants, making it an occasion for both learning and exchanging good practices between people covering similar roles in very different contexts. Following the pedagogic model adopted by Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation and the goals of the training, parents were also actively involved in the module, which included specific workshops for them.

This 3-week-long course built on the work done by Simona in April-May this year. This course was divided into two parts. The first part aimed at creating and educational alliance between educators and parents that foster the wellbeing and the development of the children. The second part, instead, focused on themes related to the developmental disorders and the communication by the teachers to the parents about problematic behaviors of their children.

The work with Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation Center on these themes will go on also during 2018, with other trainings and workshops that will focus on the topics that were highlighted as of interest by teachers and parents during past weeks.