A snapshot towards integration – Communication and visual language journeys for socio-cultural inclusion of immigrants

The project seeks to promote the integration of immigrants in the city of Bari through a training program that aims at involving both immigrants and vulnerable Italians, through activities focused on environmental requalification.
It is, indeed, common belief among “Libertà” (Freedom) neighborhood residents, that the degradation of “Corso Italia”, where the project intervenes, is the sole responsibility of migrants and homeless Italians who crowd the area. “A snapshot towards integration” intends to reverse this trend and enable immigrants and Italians in distress to become leading actors in urban requalification activities.
By teaching the Italian language with an autobiographical methodology and by implementing a social photography training, the project team accompanies the beneficiaries to know and to re-discover themselves. Writing and images become instruments to picture individuals as unique characters carrying different stories and values. In the occasion of a urban requalification community event, the most significant shots produced during the social photography training were installed under the arcades of “Corso Italia”, promoting a completely new environment: from symbol of degradation and segregation to symbol of integration and exchange.
Photography exhibitions, combined with the presentation of the study conducted on the factors influencing the integration process as well as with the featuring of the project video, were organized around the city and province of Bari.

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Summary data

Implementing agency: Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo – CTM

Project partner:  Associazione INUIT (INUIT Association)

Local partner: Zahret Al Madaen – ZAM

Area of Intervention: Italy – Bari

Direct beneficiaries: 15 participants to the laboratories

Indirect beneficiaries: over 1,000 people involved in the awareness activities and over 40,000 people among residents and regulars of “Libertà” neiborghood

Duration: 12 months – beginning : October 2014

Budget: Euros 27,395 out of which Euros 24,075 provided by Apulia Region – Department for economic development policies, labour and innovation – Service for Youth Policies and Social Citizenship

pdf_iconIo sono Io. Analisi delle variabili che influenzano l’integrazione nella città di Bari


Uno scatto verso l’integrazione from Inuit on Vimeo.