Saturday, October 29, Tyre, Lebanon

Saturday evening, in the hall of the mixed high school of Tyre, we attended the performance of theater and music titled “BLU”, dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and Tyre in particular.

The event, organized in cooperation with Ponte Radio and Conflict Recovery International, gave us the chance to listen to the premiere of the piece composed by Alessandro Taddei. The work is the latest phase of a long artistic project involving different schools in the south of Lebanon.

The first part of the show consisted of “Opposite Island”, a tale written by the students of schools in Tyre and Ravenna during the workshops held within the framework of project “Babel – A collective tale to become and audio book”. The youth involved in the writing gave a reading of the tale accompanied by piano and clarinet.

The second part of the show thrilled us with the premiere of some compositions from the BLU. The music blends elements of European and Lebanese harmony and is inspired by the city of Tyre.  The concert was performed by “Alessandro Taddei & ensemble”, a quartet of musicians from different countries (Italy, Lebanon, Syria) playing piano, saxophone and clarinet, oud and percussions.

The event was supported by the Municipality of Tyre and the Mayor and some members of the Municipal Council attended the show. The event was hosted by the mixed high school of Tyre, that has a long tradition of cooperation and cultural exchange with Italy.