The good weather returns and Tyre’s park returns to life.

Thanks to the close collaboration between CTM and Tyre’s Munuicipality, it has been possible to further improve the quality of services offered to citizens. In this week has been started  the installation of a public area equipped for fitness and sport, a new big game for children and a wheelchair swing.

The works will be completed at the end of January 2019 coinciding with the arrival of the beautiful season in Lebanon in which the park is a point of reference for many families and schools who choose the garden  to allow children to play in a clean, equipped and safe space.

The entire public children area was built and set up by CTM, thanks to the contribution of the Italian Agency for International Cooperation  by the project: Promotion of the rights of minors and new opportunities for informal education in southern Lebanon – AID 10585 / CTM / LBN.